"I see a clear growth potential for our company in Chile through product expansion over our existing customer base."

What are Bosch Rexroth’s developments since 2019?

This year we celebrate our sixth anniversary in Chile, alongside the group’s 225th anniversary. We developed our engineering capability in mining and pulp and paper with Hägglunds to rely on technology using IoT for predictive analysis (Condition Monitoring premium). We also developed our independent aftermarket service, including pumps, motors, gearboxes, mobile controls for shovels, drill rigs, loaders and trucks equipment. Lastly, we strengthened our service workshop in Antofagasta to include centralized support and provide the-best-in-class repaired components, all of which will be reinforced soon with a specialized field service team that will support our Hägglunds installed bases in Iquique, Calama and Antofagasta.

What are some of the demand trends you are witnessing this year for your services?

The mining industry in Chile and globally is headed towards machine modernization, to increase safety, precision as well as productivity and reduce power consumption. Our Rexroth connected hydraulics leverage smart electronic sensors, supported by our IoT-ready Online Diagnostics Network (ODiN) for hydraulic power units and Condition Monitoring premium (CMp) for Hägglunds drives, enable instant analysis and predictive maintenance. The second trend we witness is an emphasis on specialized field service contracts, demanding an increase of product knowledge and on-site technical support that secures process reliability. Finally, certified service repair is another trend we are seeing, which is crucial for the product lifecycle, especially to reduce costs and the environmental footprint.

Can you elaborate on the digitalization of connected hydraulics offered by Rexroth?

Bosch Rexroth is leading industry 4.0 with connected hydraulics, with CytroBox and CytroPack, under the CytroConnect concept that uses IoT-ready technology providing functionality and health data that can predict unplanned system downtimes. CytroBox is revolutionary for hydraulics power units, as it boosts production efficiency. Meanwhile, CytroPack is a compact hydraulic power with Sytronix variable-speed drive that intelligently adapts to the application.

The industry is overwhelmingly emphasizing sustainability. What does Bosch Rexroth offer in that space?

Bosch Rexroth fully adheres to ISO 14001-2015 certification, and all our internal processes are in compliance with ensuring the least impact on the environment. Secondly, our offering involves certificated repairs. Thus, we handle a component´s second life with the same warranty as the new. Also, our aftermarket parts are preserved using VpCI utilization packaging (vapour corrosion inhibitor) and filled with a special additive upon request that prolongs the duration of the component during storage. Finally, our engineering ability allows all customers access to the best drive and control technology, with IoT-ready CMp and ODiN, so they will be able to anticipate unexpected breakdowns.

What challenges is automation addressing in Chile?

Automation and digitalization are addressing all challenges in machinery and processes that demand significant total cost ownership reduction per tons produced and safety increase. In other words, it eliminates safety risk and reduces environmental impacts. Also, data availability is crucial for functionality optimization and connectivity that can be analyzed and acted upon accordingly.

How would you characterize the health of the Chilean mining industry?

Covid-19 has strongly redefined the characteristics of the Chilean mining industry since last year, as the industry adapted to new safe and hygienic measures with strict protocols that ensure the workforce’s protection while maintaining productivity levels. The industry is also increasingly cognizant of the importance of relationships with stakeholders: fostering a good collaboration with partners (suppliers), community wellness, lowering the environmental impact, and producing “green copper”.

Where do you see the highest growth potential for Bosch Rexroth in Chile?

I see a clear growth potential for our company in Chile through product expansion over our existing customer base. Therefore, we set the right sales channels to optimize our time-to-market: either directly or indirectly, through our certified partners. There is also great potential in specialized service assistance over Hägglunds/Rexroth pumps, motors, actuators and controllers. Also, in large vehicle installed bases of shovels, drill rigs, loaders, trucks, and industrial machines like apron feeders, inching drives, belt conveyors, mills and back-wheel reclaimers, where we can maximize the usage of our predictive analytic software (machine learning) such as ODiN and CMp. We are committed to improving the customer experience based on our mission and vision: ‘We Move and our Customers Win!’