Concluding Remarks

“The mining industry is one of the pillars of the Chilean economy, with its tentacles spread wide across the nation, supporting businesses in many regions. As a result of its significance, mining production was not halted amid lockdowns, curfews and the outbreak.”

José Castillo, Managing Director, Rema Tip Top Chile

“The industry in Chile is maturing to a large extent, which is pushing it to the realization that the cost advantages the industry benefited from in the past are no longer there. This is driving innovation to minimize costs and opening the industry for improvement.”

José Pablo Domínguez, General Manager South America, ME Elecmetal

“Chile sits at the top in rankings as premier mining destination. Direct mining investment is an important contributor to GDP at approximately US$72.5 billion and is expected to increase to US$74 billion over the next decade.”

Alastair McIntyre, CEO, Altiplano Metals

“We will continue to invest internally on our production facilities and technology to enhance our production capacity. We are always on the hunt around the world for integrated solutions and technologies to implement.”

Tomás Cruz, Piping Business Unit Manager, Fast Pack

“Digitalization and data management are growing exponentially, together with remote work due to the pandemic. Therefore, Chile represents the future of mining through remote controls, autonomous machines and high connectivity.”

Dante Arrigoni, Director, Grupo Arrigoni

“The challenges in the Chilean mining industry are entering a new stage as the industry matures. Today the industry is focused on sustaining operations in a complicated environment, characterised by political and economic uncertainty.”

Juan Carlos Guajardo, Founder and Executive Director, Plus Mining

“Commodity prices recovery will benefit aftermarket sales volume as customers increase their operational capacity and usage of equipment. In 2022, we foresee further slight recovery in demand compared to 2021, mainly driven by brownfield expansions and fleet renewals.”

Darko Louit, CEO, Komatsu Cummins Chile

“Our greatest strength is that we take good care of our workers and the relationship with clients, and when this relationship is consolidated, it facilitates our business growth. Providing good service and having an excellent after-sales market is our key priority.”

Alejandro Miranda, General Manager, Doosan Bobcat

“Chile is undergoing dramatic changes politically and is in a peculiar position economically amid the pandemic. Therefore, considering the uncertainty in Chile’s future, our primary goal is to maintain our current clients and consolidate our activities by providing excellent services to large-scale mining operator.”

Alejandro Vega, General Manager, Ava Montajes