Will the redrafting of the constitution impact mining investment in Chile?

“For the mining industry, I don’t expect Chile to move away from the robust and predictable set of rules we have, and which have allowed mining investment to prosper and deliver growth in the sector over the last 40 years.”

Iván Arriagada, CEO, Antofagasta Plc

“Any transformation will be smooth and non-disruptive to the mining sector. There is a great centuries-old mining culture in Chile. Change is a feature of Latin American politics, fortunately, in the case of Chile, change has been often progressive in nature.”

Alastair McIntyre, CEO, Altiplano Metals

“I am confident in Chile’s ability to redraft the constitution without altering the investor sentiment that it has maintained for decades that has allowed its rise as the top copper producer.”

Dr. Tony Harwood, President & CEO, Montero Mining

“I believe that moving forward, the way we do business is going to be different as it has to evolve with society and meet society's expectations. Society will demand that business operations are in harmony with the environment and individuals' livelihoods.”

Tomás Fischer, General Manager, Edyce

“The process creates opportunities for mining companies to serve in the interests of the environment, local communities and the country in which they operate, to attempt to write the wrongs of the industry's past mistakes."

Brian Miller, Managing Director, Astra Exploration

“We expect changes that will not significantly impact the mining industry, which is a pillar of the Chilean economy. Chile has parties across the political spectrum, however, they tend to meet in the center."

Philippe Hemmerdinger, President, Association of Industrial Mining Suppliers (Aprimin)

“We are not considering a material change to the institutionality that could bring uncertainty to mining investors. The copper mining activity is fundamental to the Chilean economy, representing over 50% of its exports with a significant multiplier effect on the country’s GDP.”

Alejandra Fernández, Mining Director, Fitch Ratings

“In Chile there are clear legal limits to what can be changed in the process of constitutional reform. There are several international treaties in force that guarantee the protection of investments.”

Santiago Montt, CEO, Montt Group