Tecnipak engineers, designs and manufactures highly specialized equipment to support ore belt conveyor systems, with a focus on the challenges posed by large-scale mining operations. We address the challenges that arise at ore transfer points, such as wear and spillage, by supplying full chutes, wear plates, and belt cleaners. We manufacture chutes and deflectors to enhance ore flow at transfer points, which are lined with curved wear plates to not disturb the ore flow, reduce spillage and increase transfer point capacity. Wear plate life is enhanced using advanced, durable materials used in space or defense applications, which require less frequent maintenance. Tecnipak also develops a line of belt cleaners tailored for the heavy-duty environment of large copper mines in Chile. Among them, the lateral replacement cleaners stand out, enabling the blade to be changed safely from one side of the belt without the need to enter the transfer chute.

Strategy Quote

“We don’t deal products. We deal solutions.”

Main Leadership

Fernando de la Lastra, General Manager

Joerg von Loebenstein, Engineering Manager

Santiago Escobar-Koehler, International Business Development Manager

Daniel del Río, Local Business Manager

Martín Villaseca, Marketing Manager

Founding Year



Main Services and Products

a. Full transfer points –Design, engineering and manufacturing of chutes to achieve better ore flow and higher throughput.

b. Wear plates – The use of advanced wear solutions to increase the expected life of a wear plate up to 10 times, reducing the need for everyday maintenance.

c. Rugged belt cleaners – Our belt cleaners have been bred under the most extreme conditions of the large Chilean scale copper mining. They offer uncompromised performance and can be remotely controlled and monitored for added safety. Their status can also be accessed through an online platform.

d. On-site support – Our personnel monitors and supports your conveyor belt system directly, constantly working to improve on existing conditions.