"Our plan is to be a carbon-neutral company; the entirety of our production process is carbon neutral, and all the energy we use for production is generated through solar-powered means."

What is the history of Tecno Fast in Chile?

Tecno Fast was established in 1995 when Chile’s mining industry was experiencing a critical boom. The company’s evolution has strong links with the country’s development in infrastructure and mining. In line with this growth, today, our focus is on infrastructure services for mining operations, such as the rental of infrastructure. In 2013, we launched a line of privately-owned hotels where we offer a complete housing solution to service providers and operators on-site. We have always had a unique link with mining, but the company’s strategy has grown beyond it. In this evolution, Tecno Fast has also expanded internationally with a presence in other countries such as Peru and Colombia. Mining represents 50% of our business. The rest is diversified in various industries such as construction, infrastructure and services. Diversifying our scope of action is a company priority.

Can you elaborate on some of the current projects you are working on?

Right now, we are working on Teck Resources’ QB2 and Salares Norte by Gold Fields. We have also worked in Minera Sierra Gorda and Los Pelambres, where we helped expand their campsites. Energy projects and solar panel farms have also presented good business opportunities, as we worked on ENEL’s Sol de Lila project.

How did you sustain growth despite the challenges posed by the pandemic?

Tecno Fast did not halt operations during the pandemic. We focused on training and set up protocols and systems to improve bio-security. Among the techniques we have used were dividing teams into smaller groups, expanding remote work where possible and controlling outbreaks with weekly testing. Fortunately, we have been able to limit exposure and prevent risks. The pandemic has been a period of high business activity because operators were expanding eateries, housing capacity and office spaces.

What are the logistics of the installation process, and how do you ensure robustness in Chile’s challenging weather conditions?

We have 25 years of experience in the market, and we are aware of the importance of using quality and durable materials. Preventing high maintenance costs is a priority. Our department of procurement focuses on sourcing materials that meet strict standards. Sustainability is also an aspect that we incorporate in our business. We are conscious of the environmental impact of processes and products. Our plan is to be a carbon-neutral company; the entirety of our production process is carbon neutral, and all the energy we use for production is generated through solar-powered means.

Can you elaborate on the innovations in modular homes and systems that are energy efficient?

In 2018, we initiated an ambitious project of installation to improve our productive system using automation and by robotizing the plant’s entire process using cutting-edge global technology. We incorporated solar energy in order to be carbon neutral. Overall, 80% of Tecno Fast’s energy consumption during production processes is self-generated. We include sustainability initiatives in all the projects we are involved in, for example, by utilizing LED lighting and water-saving artefacts.

Should we expect Tecno Fast’s initial public offering, and if so, how are you preparing for it?

The IPO was delayed due to the social unrest we experienced in 2019 and the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic. However, despite postponing it, we did release bonds which allowed us to capture new resources and stick to growth plans. The IPO will resume when external variables are favourable and attractive. We are monitoring the possibility constantly and waiting for the appropriate moment. Emitting bonds makes us a public company and means we must adhere to standards of transparency, risk and reporting in the same way as a publicly listed company.

How are you planning on consolidating your market share in Chile in the upcoming years?

The best way to consolidate our presence is by adhering to our existing contracts and maintaining excellent quality standards. This is accomplished through having a good relationship with clients, differentiating ourselves from the competition and delivering value addition to clients. Growth in our portfolio of services is a testament to our company vision: providing an integral service that fulfils client needs entirely.