After the Crisis:

Thoughts From the Industry

“The pandemic demonstrated that approval procedures can be simplified, and we ask for the same system that was applied during the crisis to stay on in the future.”

Enrique Häusermann, President, EGUALIA

“The approval process for new products in Italy is particularly slow, taking between 2-3 years to be complete, but the pandemic sped up this process. One year later, we see the same pre-pandemic sluggish process. The pandemic proved we can do things better, and this is the lesson that should pave the way for the future of pharma in Italy and elsewhere.”

Giovanni Mariani, CEO, Lisapharma

“The biggest opportunity for the industry is to help correct some historic flaws revealed by the pandemic and tailor to an ageing population through preventative care. Without health, there can be no wellbeing, personal or economic - This is the message the pandemic sent.”

Andrea Fortuna, Partner, PwC Italy Pharma & Life Sciences

“The pandemic has unlocked the necessary investments that will fuel the industry’s growth, but also exposed gaps: We all became aware of the necessity to increase our manufacturing capabilities during the rush for sourcing the COVID-19 vaccines. This should encourage more fervent fund allocations in the years to come”

Cosimo Lenti, Business Director, Diatheva

“Despite lower contagion levels in Italy, the fight against the pandemic continues, especially in the Global South. We must not confound the good situation we see in Italy with the end of the crisis, and instead start looking more broadly at both hemispheres in order to reach stability for the world at large."

Maurizio Sartorato, CEO, Bidachem

“The unprecedented amount of funding and public attention presents us with favorable circumstances to deploy tech innovations. We must take action now and do it right because we may not meet with such an opportunity twice."

Roberto Ascione, CEO, Healthware Group

Background image courtesy of Alfasigma