Inter Oriental Builders (IOB)

"Excellence in Services"

Founding Year


Main Leadership

Feni Matsando Samuel, CEO

Jean Claude Aguma, Management Coordinator


Inter Oriental Builders SARL (IOB) is a civil engineering client-focused company with headquarters in Ariwara, Ituri province, DRC. IOB has acquired several years of experience, a large asset base and skilled employees, all of which enable us to undertake projects in civil engineering works, road construction and maintenance, as well as the supply of construction material, plant consumables, workshop tools and equipment. We supply a unique combination of engineering, construction and design disciplines and expertise, in addition to import and export services. A strong focus of ours is improving the welfare of the community through our corporate social engagement projects, with great ambitions incorporating further national and African expansion.

Main Services

a. Civil construction b. Road construction c. Import and export of goods d. Manufacturing of hydra form bricks e. Batching and supply of designed concrete f. Mining and construction logistics (light and heavy duty) g. Plant and equipment rental


Previous Projects

- Kibali Gold Mine (Watsa/Haut Uele)

Civil Construction

a. RAP Project in Kokiza 2013 for Kibali gold Mine: 1800 houses, hospitals, churches, bank and schools built for the local community relocation b. Guest houses for the Kibali mine staff c. The three main Kibali Administrative buildings on site d. Azambi hydro power dam 11 MW e. Concrete road in Durba mining city f. Installation of 200,000-meter square 1.5 HDPE liner for the Cyanide Tailing Storage Facility (CTSF)

Earthworks and Earthmoving

a. CTSF top soil striping and rehabilitation b. FTSF toe drain construction c. Azambi hydro power project: construction of 1000-meter power canal for the Kibali river deviation d. Rehabilitation of vegetation onto mining and construction areas e. Management of the underground waste dump

Mining and Construction Logistic operations

a. Excavation and haulage of ore from satellite pits of Mofu, Mengu, Pakaka and KCD Pushback 3 to the ROM pad b. ROM pad handling of ore to the Crusher c. Manufacturing hydra formed bricks and supply to all Kibali construction projects d. Hiring plant and equipment e. Haulage of crushed stone aggregate from Kalinva quarry to the mine (25 km)

- Banro Corporation

1. Twangiza Mining (in South Kivu) a. Excavation and moving waste material away from Ore mining area

2. Namoya Mining (in Maniema) a. Rental of heavy duty earthwork plant machinery at the mine b. Rehabilitation and maintenance of 400 km access road from Bukavu, Baraka to the mine

- DRC Government

a. Rehabilitation of 150 km out of 330 km road from Watsa to Isiro (Haut Uele Province) b. Rehabilitation of 50 km of Isiro road in 100 days’ project of Presidency of the Republic


Cell Phone: +243 810 252 534