Motion Metrics

Motion Metrics is a Canadian mining technology company that leverages its expertise in artificial intelligence and computer vision to make mines safer and more energy efficient.

Strategy Quote

“Our vision at Motion Metrics is to inspire a new generation of safe, smart and sustainable mining. Since 2004, we have leveraged artificial intelligence and computer vision to design, develop and commercialize products that address tough problems in our industry – and, today, these systems are used by more than 70 mines worldwide.”

Founding Year


Main Leadership

Dr. Shahram Tafazoli, CEO and Founder

Dr. Bahram Sameti, Vice President of Innovation and Technology

Dr. Ajay Agrawal, Business Advisor


Motion Metrics’ products are trusted by the world’s largest mining companies and have been installed across six continents. Offices are in Australia, Brazil, Chile, Russia, and South Africa to provide fast, localized support to all international customers.

Main Products

ShovelMetrics™ is the flagship solution and leverages the latest machine learning technology to provide particle size analysis, missing tooth detection and wear monitoring, payload monitoring, and proximity detection for all shovel and loader types. It is the only complete monitoring solution on the market.

LoaderMetrics™ uses thermal imaging and machine learning technology to provide missing tooth detection and blind spot reduction. The system uses an innovative lens cleaning system to prevent environmental debris from obscuring the loader bucket camera.

PortaMetrics™ is a ruggedized handheld device that uses stereo imaging and machine learning algorithms to provide near-instant particle size analysis without a reference scaling object. This powerful tool enables blast engineers to validate the accuracy of their blast simulations and provides a good indication of digability. BeltMetrics™ is a conveyor belt monitoring product that uses artificial intelligence and stereo imaging to provide accurate particle size analysis, empty belt detection and volume monitoring on mining conveyor belts.

TruckMetrics™ is a non-interruptive monitoring system for haul trucks that uses artificial intelligence and stereo imaging to provide boulder detection and particle size analysis for haul trucks. Our newest product helps mines minimize unplanned crusher downtime by alerting personnel to oversized material so it can be diverted from the crusher.

Additional Resources

In this era of escalating climate crisis and decreasing biodiversity, Motion Metrics aims to improve our environmental footprint and use technology to assist the resources sector in its green transition. These are some of the critical first steps we are taking on our journey:

Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) project. This September, Motion Metrics received C$5.6 million in funding from SDTC to design, develop and deploy a commercial mine-to-mill solution that aims to reduce energy consumption during the comminution process by at least 15%. Read more here.

B2Gold Rhino Gold Bar initiative. Canadian miner B2Gold has donated 1,000 ounces of Namibian gold to finance community-backed conservation efforts to preserve the last free-roaming population of black rhino in Namibia. To support this effort, Motion Metrics recently purchased 100 half-ounce gold bars. Read more here.