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"Specialist steel fabricator, north and south Congo"

Strategy Quote

“Our logo embodies our vision: mobility and flexibility in our operations, wherever we see opportunity we expand. We are focusing on consolidating our service offering in Kolwezi working with Glencore, and expanding to include Ivanhoe as our client.”

Founding Year


Main Leadership

Katembo Siviwe Oscar, CEO

Cornelis Blom, Project Manager

Thomas Fletcher, Site Manager

Janvier Cibasi, Logistic Manager

Sydney Aloro Lossa, Technical Manager


Congolese company providing high-quality turnkey solutions such as the design, manufacturing and installation of steel structures, under close supervision and execution of the founder: Oscar Siviwe. We operate since 2013 in collaboration with Kibali Gold Mine.

Main Achievements

• Silo at Past Plant at Kibali gold mine • Azambi bridge and fencing at Kibali • Roof of Catholic Church of Kokiza at Kibali • Construction of warehouse for Kibali ORICA explosive yard • Kibali underground mechanical and electrical workshops • Kibali underground mechanical and electrical workshop • Installation of Azambi hydropower columns • Stop log and roller gate frames at Azambi Intake • Azambi intake course and trash racks • Azambi Power House roof claiming • Spill Way Project at Azambi

Main Services

• Fabrication of steel structures, conveyors, chutes, bins (including epoxy painting and sandblasting) • Plant maintenance and shutdowns • Maintenance and refurbishing of houses and structures • Special engineering tasks and underground work • Installation of roof and side sheeting • Fencing and fence gates • Hydro-power columns • Erection of antenna


Email: Oscar Siviwe, CEO:

Phone: +243 820 998 423

+243 994 237 777

+243 819 891 777