Rise in the gold price

“I think that the money put into economies has not yet caught enough velocity to generate the inflation that will bring gold prices much higher... Hedging against inflation will likely supersede safe-haven demand and thus push gold into even higher territories.”

Nana Bompeh Sangmuah, President and CEO, Roscan Gold

“With the US dollar and most world currencies no longer able to pay a “riparian interest,” savings and assets need to be stored in the most reliable alternative, which is physical gold. If say 10% of the world decides that gold is a good alternative, then the price can easily double, triple or more from here. In our view, this is going to be a super bull five year trend.”

Douglas MacQuarrie, President & CEO, Asante Gold

“If there was ever a time when one could say gold price is going to stay high for a few years, then this is now, tied to the colossal economic turmoil. The opportunity is here probably for a couple of years, and our priority is to drive our assets to development quickly.”

Paul Roberts, Managing Director, Predictive Discovery

“The best aspect about West African gold is the short timeline between discovery and production. West African governments are very reactive, so the licensing process is fast; This aspect will prove very important because the medium to long term gold outlook is very positive.”

Tim Livesey, CEO, Oriole Resources

“From an investors’ point of view, both confidence and capital will continue to be poured into the mining industry in Mali, which has a 30-years track record. Our package was one of the last land parcels left, so there is little untouched ground in the country, but the existing companies continue to thrive and spark investors’ interest.”

Larry Phillips, President and CEO, Compass Gold Corp

“Single-asset companies are not sufficient and putting two or three assets together offers a better value proposition for shareholders. There are only two paths forward: to get bought or buy an asset. Our strategy is to make ourselves a very valuable company and leverage that value in the transactions to come.”

Alistair Cowden, Executive Chairman, Firefinch Limited

"M&A has not yet been very active to date, but the bigger companies have increased their cashflows in Q2 and Q3 and will soon start looking at replenishing their pipelines from a development perspective; this is where the exploration companies will come into play.”

Luke Alexander, President and CEO, Newcore Gold

“With fewer gold discoveries made around the world and the emergence of gold as a safe haven option, the investment community is currently very supportive of the industry at a time when the cost of discoveries is on the rise.”

Caigen Wang, Founder and Managing Director, Tietto Minerals