Industry Views:

Reflections on Newfoundland and Labrador

“There are so many forestry roads in Newfoundland that you can drive anywhere and you can probably stay at a B&B in a community that night. The money goes into the ground here rather than going into travel, helicopters and camps. The resources required to work in a more remote area, like Northern Canada, are substantially more compared to being in Newfoundland. By locating themselves in the province companies can add 30% to their exploration budgets.”

Janet Lee-Sheriff, CEO, Newfoundland Gold

“Newfoundlanders are some of the hardest working, best people to work with. They have a great reputation throughout Canada and the world in the oil and gas and mining industry for their expertise, education level and their ability to get the job done.”

Bill Dobbs, President and CEO, Canada Fluorspar Inc.

“The number of tenements pegged three years ago has increased four-fold today. Four years ago, the total drilling on the island was 30,000 m. Drilling activity on the island has increased by 10-fold and today between 300,000 m to 400,000 m have already been drilled.”

Ian Murray, Executive Chairman, Matador Mining

“In Labrador, it is fly in fly out, and that is one of the reasons why Labrador is still so underexplored. There is no infrastructure outside of the main towns and even the main towns are very small. If you have the funds, you could find a lot in Labrador, but unfortunately it is expensive to work there.”

Roger Moss, President and CEO, Labrador Gold Corp.