Miguel Caillaux, Director,

Luz Blancas, Business Development Manager,

Jonathan Campbell, Deputy General Manager,


"We have evolved from a simple laboratory to a technological complex for development, as in addition to our lab services, we now provide auditing services and services to improve mining companies’ labs."

What are the current trends you are observing for laboratory and metallurgical services?

MC: We are in the process of a technological upgrade of our labs, making investments in more efficient equipment and new services. Certimin is achieving increasing recognition from national and transnational companies as one of the most complete companies in the metallurgical field. Our services in the geochemical and environmental areas have also been growing, where we are implementing automated equipment for different projects. We are deeply committed to finding solutions that add value to our clients, so they can carry out their operations as efficiently as possible. LB: Since 2020, we have observed that, in addition to reliability and response capacity, the market is significantly valuing “service commitment and attention” as a fundamental aspect of contribution to its operations and/or projects. As a result of Certimin leadership factor we have received the trust of many major companies.

Can you tell us about some of the contracts Certimin has recently won?

LB: In addition to the above services, Certimin concluded the start-up of an onsite laboratory in one of the most emblematic units of the mining sector due to its outstanding use of seawater, allowing us to optimize the integration system of the processes in technical terms, operational commitment, objectivity and transparency as dictated by the ethical and functional values of the policies of both parties.

In terms of junior companies, we have a longterm business relationship with one of the main lithium and uranium mining companies that has recently confirmed the start of new large-scale operations of their drilling program. In the same way, there are other well-known companies that are expanding their portfolios and with which we have already established our participation from our office in Juliaca. Certimin is the only laboratory located in Puno, which we maintain to further contribute to projects in the region.

MC: We have managed to reduce the response time of the geochemical analyzes with the technological developments and process improvements carried out. We are considered a specialized or “boutique” lab, in the sense that we adapt to the requirements of each client and try to give them the best solution.

Demand for labs has increased considerably due to high metals prices and exploration expenditure. How has Certimin dealt with this demand?

LB: In the first place, the commitment of our technical, operational, commercial and management team has been fundamental. Second, this year Certimin has acquired high-tech equipment to complement the equipment we already had with the aim of increasing the efficiency of our operations and processes. In fact, this is already showing its benefits in the operations that we are carrying out for our main clients and will allow us to reduce the response time of geochemical tests for other clients as well.

Can you explain the benefits of your association with Chile’s ECOMETRIC and Australia´s Glencore Technology?

JC: Our alliance with ECOMETRIC allows us to develop environmental solutions that currently do not exist in Peru, customizing them to our clients’ needs and taking advantage of their experience in the Chilean market. It allows us to offer services of online and continuous measurements for mining operations that are particularly important and that need constant measurement.

This year we will be installing the first Isamill in Peru for metallurgical laboratory tests. This equipment developed by Glencore Technology allows to reach fine granulometries, which broadens the spectrum for the study of metallurgical projects. At the same time, we will be implementing and certifying tests with Jameson cells, among others.

What are Certimin’s priorities for 2021-2022?

LB: Certimin’s aim is to continue being a leader in the provision of services, incorporating technological advancements. We have evolved from a simple laboratory to a technological complex for development, as in addition to our lab services, we now provide auditing services and services to improve mining companies’ labs. We are also entering the fields of plant diagnosis and improvement of mineral treatment plants.