"We believe that there are several drivers for increased application and acceptance of Blow-Fill-Seal technology."

Can you provide an overview of New Vision Pharmaceuticals?

New Vision Pharmaceuticals is focused on providing exact dose Blow-Fill-Seal technology for a wide variety of formulations and products. We provide confidence and quality to the Rx, OTC, diagnostic reagent, cosmetic and dietary supplement markets. We help clients make their product through reformulation, more economical production methods, better packaging and improved customer presentation.

What are the underlying trends diving the adoption of Blow-Fill-Seal technology?

There are a number of reasons why Blow-Fill-Seal technology is being adopted more widely. Drugs are becoming more potent and doses are getting smaller. Therefore, the doses must be more precise. At the same time, the global population is getting older and drug packaging must become more patient-centric and easier to use. Especially with seniors, the packaging must be easy to use to allow treatment in the home. Blow-Fill-Seal packaging is ideally suited to meet these needs. This need has been especially important as we have transitioned through a variety of lockdowns that limit access to the traditional points of medical care.

Blow-Fill-Seal technology is recognized by USP 1116 as an advanced aseptic process that allows for superior microbiological control, precise filling accuracy, exceptional process and product reliability, the capacity to apply inert cover gases and adapts to a wide variety of formulations. It has concomitant advantages of being significantly lighter in weight than glass containers, unbreakable in transit and not subject to spoiling. These factors result in lower shipping costs and fewer potential end-to-end quality concerns. It has the additional benefit of being counterfeit resistant which enhances public confidence and overall safety.

While Blow-Fill-Seal technology has been long been established in Europe, its introduction in the US and Asia is accelerating. Even though the production equipment is costly to purchase and maintain, it provides excellent economy of scale through its high production rate, exquisite quality and low labor requirements. It enables highly automated, precision manufacturing which delivers quality products in a very cost effective manner.

How does Blow-Fill-Seal boost adherence?

One of the unique aspects of Blow-Fill-Seal is the single use doses that in many cases are sterile. This enables us to reduce the issues of overdosing in pediatric cases.

What are the most important areas of growth and investment for New Vision?

Today we are adding high volume Blow-Fill-Seal capacity to meet customer needs. As we speak, another machine is being prepared for shipment from Germany and will be fully operational later this year. This will bring to six the number of BFS machines in house. We anticipate making investments in the support systems, including enhancing track and trace to support evolving regulatory needs.

We are also focusing on developing an empowered and highly flexible organization that can bring client ideas to fruition more quickly. This means that concepts can move rapidly into phase 2 production and later easily transition to phase 3 and ultimately commercial manufacturing. We believe that there are several drivers for increased application and acceptance of Blow-Fill-Seal technology. These trends suggest that New Vision Pharmaceuticals is well positioned for market growth.

What are the primary goals of the company moving forward?

Our primary goals are to fully utilize the significant investment that we have made over the last several years in the facility and staff. We have an excellent team who have demonstrated the ability to give clients the quality and schedule reliability they need to deliver innovative products. In the coming years we want to do the same, but with quicker project schedules and the ability to assist if and when the next public health issue presents itself. Through our capabilities, we can quickly bring generics to market, reduce our country’s dependence on offshore drug manufacturing and deliver products with enhanced anti-counterfeiting features.