Concluding Remarks

“There are still significant growth opportunities in sub-Saharan Africa due to the abundance of resources and ore bodies linked explicitly to the commodity forecasts and battery minerals. Critical mineral demands and the gold industry will also allow for growth opportunities.”

Wilfred Barkhuizen, CEO, thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions

“Even though the world is moving towards cleaner energy solutions, in Africa, coal remains the most reliable power solution for developing countries, and this is where we see the opportunity for growth.”

Debratna Nag, CEO, Jindal Mining

“Green Hydrogen is expected to play an essential role in decarbonizing global energy and transport systems and will make a notable contribution to climate protection. Global developments in Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs) provide mines with a viable option of FCEV mobility solutions.”

Eric Vemer, CEO, Howden

“Globally people might have different views of the African market. Still, I want to invite companies to spend time to study the region and the immense growth it has experienced over the years. One needs to step into this market to see the great future and opportunities.”

Hadyr Koumakpai, General Manager Africa, JA Solar

“When commodity prices started increasing substantially, South African commodity-based businesses saw an increase in their profits, which benefits us greatly as they are now investing in new equipment and up-to-date technology.”

Rhys Evans, Director, ALCO-Safe

“Africa is a big continent, and providing grid energy to so many off-grid sites is a challenge. For mines to be able to self-generate power without relying on huge diesel generators is an enormous opportunity for the sector.”

Rob Hounsome, Africa Regional Manager, SLR Consulting

“A significant challenge is the resistance of mines to adopt new technologies. When cash flows are reasonable there is little incentive to innovate, but there is nothing like disaster and hardship to sharpen the mind and discover better ways of doing things.”

Kevin Reynders, Managing Director, Rham Equipment