Industry Views:

How Attractive is Namibia

as a Mining Investment Destination?

“Namibia is the ideal mining investment destination due to its solid infrastructure, skilled workforce and political stability. Unlike some other African mining destinations, there are no hidden mining super taxes or substantial financial burdens that risk the project’s profitability.”

Jed Richardson, President and CEO, Trigon Metals

“Although some of the SOE’s driven processes have been slow, there was always transparency and support from the Namibian government. The country emphasizes local content development, but fortunately, regulations are not restrictive as the case may be in South Africa.”

Carsten Mosch, Executive Director and CEO, Lodestone Namibia

“Namibia has been underexplored in the past and still holds significant opportunities. The country ranks as one of the best mining jurisdictions in Africa, with a stable multi-party democracy. The Namibian constitution and its political leaders promote and encourage foreign investment.”

Michael Stares, President and CEO, White Metal Resources Corp.

“Namibia ranks as one of the world’s top five uranium-producing nations and has been mining and exporting uranium for close to 50 years. There have been some uncertainties in Namibia about legislation that could possibly be introduced and this has affected Namibia’s rankings recently.”

Werner Ewald, Managing Director, Bannerman Mining Resources

“Namibia is an excellent mining jurisdiction. It is politically and legally stable, and the permitting and licencing process is clear, precise and visible. It also has a very receptive and involved Minerals Department that is not overly bureaucratic.”

Jurie Wessels, Executive Chairman, Vanadium Resources

“Namibia is one of the top countries for mining in Sub-Saharan Africa in our view. We have been able to establish excellent communication channels with the relevant parts of government and there is a well-established mining industry.”

Joe Walsh, Managing Director, Lepidico

“Namibia is a small country with great potential. We have diverse people, a diverse economy and significant underexploited resources. I believe that we can be a world player although we are a small population.”

Gert Maritz, CEO, Lithon