Industry Views:

South African Mining Industry's Health

“Fundamentally the South African mining industry is struggling, especially in the gold space, but there are still opportunities to grow, especially with the increased commodity prices.”

Keith Scott, CEO, Fraser Alexander

“South Africa is sitting on 70% of the world’s PGMs and is well endowed with other significant minerals. Although most commodities are on a bull run, we face some unique challenges. The lack of FDI can mainly be attributed to policy uncertainty, labor unrest, skills deficit and deficient power supply.”

Danie Pretorius, CEO, Master Drilling

“The South African mining industry has a lot to offer as a leading producer of chrome, manganese, platinum, vanadium and gold. The country is also a prominent player in the PGM space and copper, which are witnessing significant growth due to decarbonization efforts.”

Lehlohonolo Amos Molloyi, CEO, MEMSA

“The previous pillars of the economy, like agriculture, mining and manufacturing, have been relentlessly targeted for more transformation and handicapped by poor policy. The strategy is therefore clear: immediately stabilize the country through supporting the poor and the unemployed; in parallel, open-up the economy for investment in low hanging fruit sectors like mining.”

Claude Baissac, CEO, Eunomix

“While we cannot escape that the South African mining industry does have deep-rooted challenges, it is heartening to see that there are stakeholders who want to work together to find a solution.”

Kate Collier, Partner, Webber Wentzel

"From an investor confidence point of view, the government can still do more. We need to further intensify certainty and lessen the red tape to attract more international investment into the sector, especially for exploration projects.”

Banzi Giyose, Co-Founder and Vice President, BG Global