Industry Views: Talk Your Belt

“Despite its location in northern Québec, the James Bay region has excellent infrastructure. There is also a strong will, from both the Québec government and the Cree Nation to move ahead in a new spirit. There is an agreement called La Grande Alliance, which will be key to encouraging mining moving forward. The Cree Nation is very proactive in supporting the mining industry to progress with new mining projects.”

Jean-Marc Lulin, President & CEO, Azimut Exploration

“The big difference between Ontario and Québec, particularly in the northern areas, is the infrastructure. You probably have projects similar to Fenelon in terms of potential, but they are not easily accessible. There are companies that have very good projects in Ontario along the James Bay coast but it costs over a billion dollars to put a road in to get there.”

Marz Kord, President & CEO, Wallbridge Mining

“The Cadillac Fault is an extremely important geological feature. It is a deep-running fold separating two kinds of rocks dramatically and prepares the ground. The Val-d'Or region benefits from the entry of a lot of fluid in the fault resulting in the replication of mineralization every one and a half to two kilometers.”

José Vizquerra, President & CEO, O3 Mining

“Real estate on the Cadillac Break is really tight, and as a result, properties with a reasonable resource and permits are in a great position, because permits are very hard to get. It took us two years and C$6 million to get our permits.”

Frank J. Basa, President & CEO, Granada Gold

“If you were in Canada in 1900, and you went onto the Cadillac fault, you would have been one of the first to explore an area that has since produced over 100 million ounces of gold. The Atlas fault was discovered 2,000 years ago by the Romans, but in modern times was kept as a secret by Managem, which is owned by the Royal Family. There were very few people who were aware of it, and it was strictly forbidden for any foreign companies to become a player in Morocco until 2008, when projects were put up for sale.”

Benoit La Salle, President & CEO, Aya Gold and Silver