"From a Singapore context, we see a huge amount of innovation in the electronics industry."

Air Liquide has a history in Singapore since 1911. Could you briefly introduce Air Liquide’s presence and main activities in Singapore and Southeast Asia more broadly?

Air Liquide has built on its presence to become the leading industrial gas company in the region, employing 1000 employees and serving customers across a multitude of industries. Air Liquide’s working synergy with its partners and customers have enabled it to become an intrinsic cog in the wheel of the supply chain for our customers across the electronics, chemicals, healthcare and other industries, giving them the assurance of our capability to support their continued aspirations and developments.

Could you give us an idea of the network, infrastructure and capabilities of Air Liquide in Singapore and Riau Islands?

Through the past century, we have continued to develop our infrastructure in the region, operating the largest network of air separation plants and gas production facilities in Southeast Asia. We focus on delivering value to our customers, leveraging on digitalisation, cutting-edge technology, and revolutionary innovations to provide solutions to their business and climate challenges.

How is Air Liquide positioning for the transition to a greener future?

At the end of November 2018, Air Liquide announced its 2025 Climate objectives, with active measures for the climate in our operations, with our customers and ecosystems, by offering low-carbon solutions, and working towards a clean and sustainable industry. These measures continue to play a significant part in our decision-making processes.

What are the most significant recent milestones?

Air Liquide will inaugurate a new Industrial Package Gases Centre in Singapore in February 2021. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology and digitalisation, the centre is key to our strategy to provide customers with the innovation, quality and reliability they need to face the challenges of tomorrow.

How do you observe demand for gases in Singapore?

In Singapore, as a result of Covid, we have definitely seen a slowdown in some key industries that have been well-publicised like the aviation and marine sectors, but we still see a healthy demand for gases in many other industries like the electronics and healthcare industries which continue to generate robust demand.

What are the latest innovation projects carried out at Air Liquide?

From a Singapore context, we see a huge amount of innovation in the electronics industry. The world’s race to develop smaller, yet more powerful electronic devices has led to microchips shrinking smaller and smaller, and processes becoming increasingly complex, Singapore being at the forefront of this transformation. To support this, Air Liquide’s investment into Electronics Smart Innovative Operations and Performance Analytic Centre in Singapore is just one example of the cutting edge technology that Air Liquide brings to its electronic customers, aligning our electronics offer with the Singapore vision of Industry 4.0 and digitization. Leveraging the digital ecosystem and IT competencies, the centre will enable Air Liquide to define the most efficient and energy-smart operations for its Electronic plants on a daily basis, while the data collected can be leveraged upon to develop predictive analytics to manage better the performance of the machines and quality of the products manufactured.

Could you share more details into the We Care CSR program by Air Liquide, and give examples of the impact these initiatives have on local communities?

"We CARE” is an Air Liquide Singapore CSR initiative designed to inculcate a culture of caring for the society and to support social and environmental efforts to create a better Singapore. Built on the pillars of Climate, Actions, Responsibilities and Ecosystems, it encourages volunteering and personal initiatives that strive to make a difference towards a more sustainable future.