Industry Views: Digital Solution Providers

Leading digital solutions providers comment on adoption trends in APAC

“Industry application of digital technology lags behind the consumer sector’s simply because the stakes are much higher, involving both expensive assets and even people’s safety. Nevertheless, digital technology has matured, and we are at the inflection point on the S curve, from where we will begin to see faster adoption and a bigger impact on operations.”

Johan de Villiers, Global Vice President – Oil & Gas, ABB

“Today, two out of three barges operating in the port of Singapore are installed with an E+H bunker metering system. Our vision is to be ready for future growth segments like green energy and alternate fuels, as well as being an active enabler for Smart Nation and Industry 4.0 in Singapore.”

Lim Khay Guan, CEO and Managing Director, Endress + Hauser (E+H) Southeast Asia

“Sensor technologies are becoming more affordable and are covering more areas of application. Also, performance and commercial affordability of network technologies, computing power and storage costs are going to further improve.”

Tobias Botzenhardt, VP & Head of Process Automation, Siemens ASEAN

“Decarbonization and hydrogen as fuel development are some of the key technologies that SICK is focusing on. To recycle plastic waste, specialty chemicals need to realize a process of ‘polymerization’- to derive and manufacture renewable polymers. The pandemic also created new opportunities for automation as logistics and manpower challenges became imminent.”

Apparao Myneni, Strategic Industry Manager, SICK Sales and Service (SICK AG)

“Technologies are often already available, but they require unlocking mechanisms which often come from regulators. The aligned ecosystem of governments, regulators and industry players makes Singapore a trailblazer for innovation and a very relevant player in Industry 4.0.”

Andreas Hauser, Managing Director, TÜV SÜD Asia Pacific

“The pandemic has dramatically changed the landscape of industrial sites such as factories and manufacturing plants, creating more opportunities to leverage technology and embark on digitalisation – for example solutions that allow remote monitoring of equipment using Internet of things (IoT) technology and smart sensors.”

Christopher Chan, Vice President APAC O&G, Schneider Electric