From its founding in 1840 in Singapore, Behn Meyer fast became the largest German trading house in Southeast Asia. As the market landscape changed, so the company evolved into a specialty supplier of solutions covering the following four main business units: • AgriCare - Fertilizers, crop protection, agricultural additives & specialties

• Ingredients - Food, animal nutrition, aquaculture, personal & home care, and pharmaceuticals

• Performance Chemicals - Coatings, petrochemicals, process industries, leather and textiles, and water treatment

• Polymers - specialties for rubber and plastics Over the last 20 years the Behn Meyer Group expanded to establish a multitude of application laboratories as well as our own production facilities in Malaysia, Italy, USA, Thailand, Indonesia and the Netherlands, producing specialty products for the industries we cover.


Technical sales and marketing; customer service; regulatory and risk management; innovation and formulation; R&D support; blending, tailoring, and packaging; warehousing and logistics; supply chain management; omni-channel support; business development.

Leadership Profile

Management board consists of Prasonk Aramwittaya, Oliver Meyer, Dr. Dirk Lorenz-Meyer, Rohaya Muhammad, Lotta Kellinghusen and Teo Tee Seng.


Sustainability Focus

Behn Meyer focuses on innovative solutions to reduce the chemical industry’s carbon footprint and environmental impact, such as biocatalysts for chemical processes to reduce water and energy use and non-antibiotic medicines for animal farms to combat antibiotic resistance.

We at the Behn Meyer Group are committed to advancing our business objectives and achieving our goals in a responsible and sustainable way in order strive for a circular economy and the decarbonisation of the chemical industry. We enforce well-established guidelines at all our manufacturing plants and warehouses to ensure the safe handling, transport and disposal of chemicals.

Our commitment to the environment and sustainable practices is clearly defined in our Code of Conduct. We also actively organise CSR and disaster relief activities to benefit our communities, and through the Behn Meyer Foundation provide various benefits and scholarships for eligible employees and their children.