Tom Sellig, CEO,


"Our reputation is based on how we deploy technologies to solve complex formulation challenges."

Can you share highlights of Adare’s operations over the past year?

Our acquisition of Frontida BioPharm in 2021 afforded us some new capabilities that are complementary and synergistic to what Adare already had. We now have high-potency capabilities, our packaging facility in Northeast Philadelphia, and several other exciting technologies, scientists, and formulators. Our focus this year has been on integrating the leadership team and establishing our strategic plan moving forward.

How has the Frontida acquisition expanded the company’s offerings?

With the Frontida consolidation, our expanded market presence heightens our ability to offer more solutions to more customers. Consequently, we are currently working on a pipeline of 75 development products, which represents an exciting growth opportunity for the company.

The acquisition enabled tremendous expansion in three core dimensions: capabilities, capacity and expertise. We now have additional DEA capabilities across multiple sites for development and manufacturing, as well as packaging capabilities, allowing us to phase out third-party packaging for several legacy products. Regarding capacity, we have added three new sites to our network, enabling us to expand our geographic footprint and actual output both in development and manufacturing capacities. Finally, our scientific team has increased to a combined 100 world-class developers and scientists.

Does Adare leverage any innovative technologies?

Adare’s foundation is built on our long legacy of innovative technology. We are industry-leading experts in several technologies used in development and commercial manufacturing, such as micro-encapsulation, taste masking, controlled release, and multilayer tableting. Combined with Frontida’s high-potency capabilities, we offer a comprehensive range of oral solid and small molecule solutions. Our market reputation is based on how we deploy these technologies to solve complex formulation challenges, and we’ve become known for taking on these challenges and providing customized solutions for our customers.

What does Adare Biome add to the company’s portfolio?

The division works to harness the power of the microbiome to provide post-biotic solutions for human and animal health. Biome-based products are present in everything from human pharma and OTC products to nutritional supplements. The emerging utility of this type of product encompasses different market segments in the pharma space, including oncology, respiratory, and a variety of CNS-related products. We are excited about the potential future for biome-based products.

How has Adare responded to Covid-related challenges?

Our global supply chain team was very proactive and monitored the various APIs and materials that we use in our manufacturing and packaging capabilities, and they managed to limit the level of disruption to rare instances. In some cases, we have capitalized on our existing inventory and capacity to pivot quickly to meet pressing client demands while satisfying regulatory lead times for product approval. On the resourcing and staffing front, our human resources team had to get creative to maintain a high level of retention and keep some of the market leaders.

Could you provide an overview of Adare’s US operations?

Adare is a US company headquartered in Lawrenceville, New Jersey. In the US, we also have five manufacturing and development sites. Two are located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and the other three are in Vandalia, Ohio; Aurora, Illinois; and Lenexa, Kansas.

Adare is an international company that distributes and markets products in over 100 countries worldwide. Internationally, we have two sites with development and commercial manufacturing capabilities in Milan, Italy, and a post-biotic plant in Houdan, France. While each site is unique, there are certain crossover capabilities where we can perform business continuity and supply chain backup for our clients to prevent supply chain disruptions.

Has Adare been impacted by the trend towards increasing domestic drug manufacturing in the US?

This trend, which is largely triggered by the rising cost of transportation and inflation, has benefitted Adare. The company recently had six clients in one week alone reach out to move a large portion of their US production onshore. We are well positioned to facilitate moves like this by aligning clients with the right US manufacturer. Thus, we have the capacity to support an increase in business from the growing trend.

What are your growth plans for Adare for 2022 and the coming years?

We intend to accelerate our ability to meet client needs and provide excellent customer service as we transition from a product-based to service-based company. Moreover, we aim to leverage our specialized technologies and experienced staff to drive organizational growth. Finally, we want to emerge as an industry leader in the biome space.