“AiCure’s technology allows us to approach problems in a previously unthinkable manner, bringing you into the patient’s home to experience the disease in their own environment. The technology is intuitive and can capture even more than what a doctor observes and hears when sitting across from a patient.”

Rich Christie, MD, PhD, Chief Medical Officer, AiCure


AiCure, LLC is a patient-focused technology company that empowers life science and healthcare organizations with actionable insights to accelerate drug development and improve patient care. With more than a decade of experience managing complex protected health information (PHI) in regulated settings, AiCure helps organizations to optimize care at each step of the clinical continuum by delivering objective, predictive behavioral and interventional insights uniquely built on patient-level audio and visual data. By understanding how patient behavior drives value, AiCure helps inform proactive decision-making in clinical research, high-quality drug development for effective commercialization, and expanded reach of personalized patient care.

Key Leadership

Ed Ikeguchi – Chief Executive Officer

Edward F. Ikeguchi, M.D. is the Chief Executive Officer at AiCure. Prior to joining AiCure, he was a co-founder and Chief Medical Officer at Medidata for nearly a decade, where he also served on their board of directors. Dr. Ikeguchi served as assistant professor of clinical urology at Columbia University, where he has experience using healthcare technology solutions as a clinical investigator in numerous trials sponsored by both the commercial industry and the National Institutes of Health. Dr. Ikeguchi holds a B.S. in chemistry from Fordham University and a M.D. from Columbia University’s College of Physicians & Surgeons, where he also completed his surgical internship, subspecialty training and fellowship.

Rich Christie – Chief Medical Officer

As Chief Medical Officer at AiCure, Rich oversees the medical and scientific aspects of the AiCure portfolio. Previously, Rich served as Global Head, Development Science and Innovation at Roche, and as Vice President, External Research and Early Development at Johnson & Johnson. He also was the CEO of Solaris Therapeutics, a start-up developing small molecule inhibitors of E3 ligases, out of Columbia University. Prior to his time in Pharma, Rich served the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors as a consultant at McKinsey & Co. Rich received an SB from MIT in Cognitive Science, and an MD/PhD in Neurobiology from Harvard, where he developed novel optical methods for the study of Alzheimer’s disease.

Primary Products & Services

● AiCure Patient Connect: AiCure Patient Connect offers an unobtrusive, convenient way for patients and clinicians to stay connected. Through a patient’s smartphone, AiCure Patient Connect uses computer vision and AI to capture dosing data between visits, detect subtle cues of a patient’s response to treatment, and provide interactive assistance to make sure patients take their medication as intended.

● Digital Biomarkers: AiCure’s Digital Biomarker solution remotely detects subtle changes in a patient’s treatment response between clinic visits by capturing audio and visual data using a smartphone. By frequently aggregating sensitive, objective behavioral insights, AiCure empowers sponsors to improve their understanding of disease progression, elevate trial data integrity and optimize patient outcomes.

● AiCure Data Intelligence: AiCure Data Intelligence is a configurable data ingestion and visualization platform that offers sponsors and sites a holistic view of their trial data, extracting actionable patient and site insights from multiple data sources through advanced data capture, AI and predictive analytics, helping sponsors spot trends, allocate resources and minimize risk.

● OpenDBM: OpenDBM is an open-source platform that democratizes access to AiCure’s scientifically validated digital biomarker algorithms so researchers can apply them to their own datasets. This transparency encourages industry and academic collaboration, helping to validate digital biomarkers as a legitimate means to understanding disease and patient behavior.

Strategic Blogs

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Why Diversity is one of AiCure’s Founding Principles - By Ed Ikeguchi, MD, CEO, AiCure

DEI From the Get-go

Since AiCure’s beginnings, ensuring diversity in our algorithms’ data has been a grounding principle in all that we do. For over a decade, AiCure’s recognition AI algorithms have been trained using diverse datasets that are representative of real-world populations. With over one million patient interactions captured, the solution works with patients of all skin tones, allowing for unbiased visual and audio data capture. This not only supports inclusive clinical research, but also advances the collection of reliable, objective data to help prove a drug’s validity in the real-world.


Headquarters: 214 Sullivan Street, 6C, New York, NY, 10012, USA