“We are investing in the expansion of multi-purpose equipment sets and continuous processing equipment that can complement the company's processing lines. We are bringing on additional reactor capacity, drying capabilities, solids handling capabilities, and continuous processing capabilities. We are investing in these areas to better support our customers because we recognize that the molecules we make today are chemically more complex and require advanced technologies to produce.”

Jeff Butler, President, AMPAC Fine Chemicals


SK pharmteco specializes in the clinical to commercial production of APIs, Advanced Intermediates, Registered Starting Materials and Key Building Blocks. Our offerings include process R&D, analytical method development and stability, scale-up and optimization, validation and commercial production of small molecules, as well as extensive Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) and Lentiviral (LV) vectors.

Our global operations include eight cGMP manufacturing, development and analytical facilities across the US, Korea, Ireland and France.

We have a strong record of environmental, health and safety performance. All of our plants have been successfully audited by global regulatory agencies including the FDA (US), EMA (Europe), PMDA (Japan), and MFDS (Korea).

Extensive technology toolbox and around 1,000 m³ of global small-molecule capacity plus 5,000 m² of large molecule facilities.

Key Leadership

Aslam Malik, CEO, SK pharmteco

Jeff Butler, President, AMPAC Fine Chemicals (an SK pharmteco Company)

Patrick Park, VP, Global Business Development

Jaeyon Yoon, VP, Global Marketing

Primary Products and Services

Our highly skilled team delivers innovative solutions across the following offerings:

• Continuous Flow Processing

• Chromatography: SMB & Batch

• High Potency (Up to 4 m³ scale & down to 10 ng/m³ containment)

• Energetic Chemistry

• Controlled Substances (US DEA Schedule II-V Manufacturing)

• Particle Engineering

• cGMP Manufacturing for Viral Vectors

• Analytical & Process Development We provide full regulatory support for all aspects of compliance including supporting pre-approval inspections (PAIs). As a leader in operational excellence and continuous improvement, SK pharmteco continually delivers the highest quality services to our customers.


SK pharmteco Global Headquarters

12460 Akron Street, Suite 100, Rancho Cordova, California 95742, USA

+1 (888) 330-2232