Expert Insights: Innovative Technologies

Each service provider finds its own balance of diversifying, specializing and sophisticating its manufacturing capabilities to stand out in a sea of competition. From blow-fill-seal to biospecimens, below are companies that have invested into unique offerings.

“Our novel HSC Technology, an automated High-Throughput Self-Interaction Chromatography technology platform, cuts costs, time, and manpower needed to optimize formulations. We measure the second virial coefficient of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) in various excipients, and the data collected enters a neural network that scans for different combinations. The solubility process is reduced from one year down to just three months.”

Larry DeLucas, President, Soluble Biotech

“Our innovative liquid-liquid separators solve the most difficult separation problems with ease, eliminating the need to run batches at half capacity with slow settling times, allowing for continuous manufacturing. Our devices are directly scalable from lab to pilot to production, and customers like our products as they are easy to use and maintain with plug and play functionality at all scales.”

Andrea Adamo, Founder & CEO, Zaiput Flow Technologies

“Vetter manufactures orphan and ultra-orphan drugs in its active pipeline. Conversely, we see substances like insulin replacing GLP-1 analogue drugs for which we manufacture approximately 70 million syringes of the same kind. We have both small-scale and large-scale filling capabilities to serve customers in both the precision medicine and large-scale manufacturing spaces.”

Peter Soelkner, Managing Director, Vetter Pharma

“Blow-fill-seal affords a higher level of sterility due to the containment and limited human interaction in the manufacturing process. This process also enables us to mold a container into unique delivery systems to achieve specific therapeutic solutions as well as attain a superior level of filling accuracy.”

Paul Josephs, President & CEO, Woodstock Sterile Solutions

“Our R&D division has innovative techniques to allow water-soluble drugs to be layered using aqueous media. MKPPL has developed safe nanoparticles that encapsulate micronutrients and interact with the outermost layer of skin to enhance penetration and can be delivered through an oil platform. Our Liposomal nanoparticle approach can be utilized for administering vitamins through the dermal route and delivering antibiotics and anti–inflammatory agents through topical applications.”

Satya Vadlamani, Chairperson & Managing Director, Murli Krishna Pharma Pvt Ltd

Image courtesy of CDC on Unsplash