Industry Thoughts:

Canadian Associations

"The MICA Network focuses on the pace at which we accelerate innovations by drawing in multidisciplinary innovators from any sector to find solutions that benefit the mining industry. This is one of the most significant things that the Canadian government has done for the mining sector in many decades. We have expanded the network for the past two years and already have well over 250 companies that want to join."

Doug Morrison, President & CEO, CEMI

"Earlier this year, we proudly opened our new state-of-the-art 15,000 square foot surface facilities at the NORCAT Underground Centre. This innovation pavilion will be used to support our customer growth in skilled labour training and development and the growing demand for emerging technology companies to utilize dedicated offices and collaborative workspaces to build their businesses."

Don Duval, CEO, NORCAT

"We cannot have an automotive company making electric vehicles, yet sourcing nickel, which has the highest GHG footprint to produce the metal. You cannot make a solution that has a dirty process. We will need to move along the maturity curve to truly reach a net benefit for the world."

Ryan McEachern, Managing Director, MSTA Canada

"MineConnect USA is a pilot project whereby Northern Ontario MSS companies are invited to apply to be part of a small cluster of companies that will be represented in Nevada through a staffed office that we are currently establishing. The objective is to meet existing needs in the market while providing expansion opportunities to businesses within the cluster. If this pilot project is successful, we may look at launching similar initiatives in other jurisdictions."

Marla Tremblay, Executive Director, MineConnect