Industry Thoughts:

Paving the Way for ESG Reporting

"Over the past 18 months, we have witnessed the return of the generalist investor to the sector. Companies that are better able to disclose ESG practices, standards and compliance to investors are getting more interest."

Dean McPherson, Head of Global Mining, Toronto Stock Exchange & TSX Venture Exchange

"There are a few competing trends in the battery space, such as the transition to higher nickel content cathodes, while on the other hand we see LFP batteries which have lower energy density. One of the biggest challenges we see is that there are competing methodologies to calculate impacts, so at some point we will probably see more regulation and a requirement to be more transparent in your supply chain."

Robert Pell, Founder and CEO, Minviro

"No company is perfect. However, the willingness to submit to an external, impartial assessment and being transparent by publicly disclosing the underlying scores and data, warts and all, demonstrates a mature, secure leadership team that has a genuine commitment to ESG. That is what investors are looking for. They appreciate that ESG is a journey and it may take time to fix certain issues. It is not a single score, but the direction of travel of a company’s ESG score over time that interests them."

Jamie Strauss, CEO, Digbee

"It is no secret that investors are preferentially directing investment towards companies that target and achieve ESG criteria. It is therefore important to adopt socially responsible mining practices, not only from an ethical point of view, but also to attract capital. We are seeing increased demand from companies that want to become more sustainable, want to contribute to a green agenda, and want to create a circular economy."

Kurt Boyko, Director, Nordmin Group of Companies