Sofvie Inc. puts your health & safety framework into action and delivers real-time insights to and from the field. The sofvie software is a workplace health and safety tool designed for the mining industry and beyond. Any workplace which is heavily impacted by hazards and risks can benefit from this application. This feature-rich tool is here to assist and collaborate with the entire organization, it streamlines administration and reporting, and takes the human-error out of communication. Sofvie puts your health and safety program to work.

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Strategic Quote

"I would say that complacency creates a lot of the hazards when we become very used to the environments that we work in. The mining workplace can be a very safe one, but when we start to let things slide when they should be picked up or put away, next thing you know, there is a trip and a fall. I have encountered incidences where equipment started failing or behaving differently because there were too many things in the way to operate in the way it was intended to. Sofvie creates a more sustainable way of being with our safety systems by having a digital record of everything. As soon as we start creating that accountability, workplaces and equipment are cleaner. It creates a major lasting effect on the amount of hazards that get flagged in a day, because things are being addressed proactively the way they should."

- Gus Minor, Chief Innovation Officer

Main Projects

Sofvie Inc. never stops innovating. Our roadmap features enhanced reporting, additional automation of tasks, wearables, AI, and many more cutting edge technologies all designed to enhance current safety frameworks as well as predictive modeling.

Main Leadership

• Gus Minor, Chief Innovation Officer

Having worked for over a decade in the mining space. Gus possesses first-hand experience and knowledge of all of the organizational and communication obstacles that many industries face.

His own personal experiences with workplace tragedies means that you can count on Gus to be the proponent of change that pushes health and safety systems to drive the path towards a Zero Harm and well informed workplace. Starting by putting people first!

Main Services

Main Services:

• Cloud-based EHS management software • Risk Management • Hazard Management • Actions Management • Reporting • Incident Management • Work/Task Management • Form Data Management • Compliance Management • Training Records • Document Review • Positive Activities • Decision Log/MOC • Lessons Learned • Integrations • Analytics


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