Industry Thoughts:

Global Operations Based in Ontario

“The number one reason why copper demand is growing is the world’s quest for cleaner air. Electric vehicle sales are surging and major automotive manufacturers are shifting away from gas and diesel. Another source of significant demand is the continuing urbanization of southeast Asia. The capital cost of new mines is high and permitting new mines is taking longer. So, a shortfall in supply is likely, resulting in a higher copper prices.”

Rob McEwen, Chairman and Chief Owner, McEwen Mining

“Mining is too important to the Mexican economy for the government to do any harm to it. It is a pillar of the economy. What would be refreshing to see is if the current administration could increase its knowledge of mining and the benefits it brings. They need to realize when one politician says something off-handedly in an interview, on a topic that they don’t really know much about, or makes baseless promises, it can affect all of the mining and exploration companies in Mexico.”

Taj Singh, President & CEO, Discovery Silver Corp.

"The high concentration of TSX-listed mining companies makes Toronto one of the mining capitals of the world. This landscape provides companies with access to industry funds, networks and communications with mining- focused institutions that are not available elsewhere easily. We do sometimes envy the premiums and valuations that our Australian mining counterparts seem to be receiving on the ASX. However, becoming dual listed is not a current corporate focus; due to the cost, time and complications in regulations and reporting.”

Dominic Duffy, President & CEO, Mandalay Resources

"To unlock the Uudam Khundii (UK) project, we formed a joint venture with the provincial government, and since then, the government made its first-ever investment in a gold company through their newly established sovereign funds. Having a supportive government providing funding to gold companies like ourselves is a huge benefit to operating in Mongolia. We identify as a Mongolian company listed on the TSX, and we hope to enlist on the Mongolian Stock Exchange (MSE), like Erdene Resources, who have discoveries near the UK project."

Aneel Waraich, Executive Vice President, Steppe Gold

"Most people in Ecuador do not know what large scale responsible mining is, and there are a number of vocal anti-mining and anti-foreign direct investment (FDI) type groups that tend to get a lot of press. It is our responsibility to transparently show what is really happening on the ground and clearly communicate the many long term benefits to stakeholders that can be secured with responsible mining.”

Christian Kargl-Simard, President & CEO, Adventus Mining Corp.

Image courtesy of Red Pine Exploration