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Manufacturer /
Semi CMO
(Own registration and production for customers)

Description in a few words:

Operating with respect for people, reliability, success orientation and innovation, Ali Raif İlaç manufactured and marketed pharmaceutical products under the licenses of multinational companies in its early years. The company later began in the early 1980s to import finished pharmaceutical products and manufacture and market equivalent products, becoming a key player of the Turkish pharmaceutical industry.

The company engages in import, export, production, domestic promotion and marketing activities in 10 regional offices across Turkey. Modern manufacturing plants have been operating in the Ikitelli Organized Industrial Zone since 1999, and the head office is located in the Levent area, where the company moved in 2009.

Ali Raif continues to serve the Turkish pharmaceutical industry with 200 different pharmaceutical products, over 70 brands and the production of high-quality medications for 56 years, and we still maintain our cooperation with global companies.


Ali Raif Bey (the first generation),

Muzaffer Turan (the second generation)

Current Leadership:

Muzaffer Bal, General Manager

Founding Year:
1928> Ali Raif ve Şeriki
1963> Ali Raif İlaç Sanayi (Pharmaceutical)

In the 1990s,

we established our own R&D facility and entered into the generics business. Today, our in-house portfolio of products contributes to 70% of our turnover.


Total production Area m2 (Sterile, solid) Total Lab Area m2

The Ali Raif İlaç manufacturing facility covers an area of 10,500 square meters, including a factory building of 8,500 square meters, an auxiliary operations building of 500 square meters, and offices and laboratories of 1,500 square meters.

Number of machinery in Production and capacities: solid, liquid, sterile

- Solid

- 3 Wet Granulator 200, 100 and 60 kg

- 1 Fluidized Bed Dryer 250 kg

- 2 Owen

- 2 Blender

- 10 Tablet Press 130.000 - 489.000 tablets / hour

- 3 Film Coater 270 kg + 270 kg + 110 kg

- 2 Capsule Filling Machine 150.000 capsules/ hour

- 5 Blister Packaging Line 2 x 300 blister / min, 3 x 200 blister / min

- 1 Tablet Counter 30 Bottle / min

- Liquid (Medical Shampoo)

- Preparation Tank 3.000 Liter

- Filling Line 100 bottle / min

Main product categories or therapies of focus Ali Raif serves many fields, providing medicinal products in therapeutic areas such as cardiology, gastroenterology, internal diseases, endocrinology, neurology, psychiatry, musculoskeletal system diseases, anti-flu, antiviral, antihistamines, transplantation (immunosuppression) Iron excretion metabolism products, Iron excretion metabolism, Multiple sclerosis and as well as sweeteners, food supplements and other treatment products such as medical devices.

Primary packaging production


Serialization Service

All packaging lines are equipped with serialization equipment and we have also aggregation tables

Total number of delivered boxes/year

Annually output of 60 million boxes.


R&D capacity for itself and for customers

The R&D Laboratory is located in the same areas where the factory is located and has engaged in research and development activities for many years. It was registered as an R&D center by the Ministry of Industry and Technology on January 12, 2017.

R&D focus

The bioequivalent products developed in the R&D center are sold in domestic markets as well as overseas.


Export % in revenues:

2% (2018)

List of export countries:

Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan

In More Depth

Number of employees


GMP certificates

The facility meets the cGMP (current good manufacturing practices) and cGLP (current good laboratory practices). The manufacturing facility has manufacturing, packaging and storage areas, quality control and R&D laboratories and technical service sections for the company’s facilities, which are equipped to respond to any condition.

In 2013, our manufacturing plant passed the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and the OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series.

Revenue or Growth Rate in past financial year

496 million Turkish Liras (2018 ), 10% PPG

Prominent partnerships/ clients

We export our products to Uzbekistan, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Moldova. Among the license holders, we cooperate with CTS Group, Dr. Falk Pharma GmbH, Merisant, Pfizer, Mayoly Spindler, IBSA, Atnahs and Wooshin Labottach.