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Manufacturer / Marketer

Description in a few words:

Exeltis is the result of the natural evolution and sustained growth of the Insud Pharma pharmaceutical business, an integrated health sciences group. It combines the Group’s know-how and experience with the innovative spirit of Exeltis, becoming a global organization with the capacity to discover, develop, produce and market medicinal products and medical devices that can help to improve the quality of life of millions of people worldwide. Insud Pharma started up branded pharmaceutical business in Europe after acquiring 50% of EFFIK, a specialist company in gynecology. After several years of experience and penetration to other new markets and countries, Exeltis has acquired 100% of the Turkish pharmaceutical Embil. The deal is part of Exeltis Strategic Plan that aims to consolidate its international development.

Current Leadership:

Hülya Yalın, General Manager, Turkey

Founding Year: 1977


Number of machinery in Production and capacities: Exeltis TR has a state-of-the-art facility in Çerkezköy with 4 high technology production lines from bulk manufacturing to packaging in semi solids with a total design capacity of 35 million units. Main product categories or therapies of focus Çerkezköy facility manufactures for Women Health Care and Pain Management therapeutic areas. Respiratory and Food Supplement products are supplied through 7 different contract manufacturer partners locally and globally. Serialization Service: Çerkezköy has online serialization capability at all production lines for Turkish market, EU markets and Russia market. Total number of delivered boxes/year: 8,6 million units are sold from Çerkezköy and additionally 2,6 million units sold as contract manufactured products.


R&D focus

R&D is focusing on new and innovative pharma and medical device product development for Turkey, EU, and LATAM countries. Formulation and analytical development activities are performed by an experienced R&D team following international regulations and guidelines and applied GMP and GLP rules. Patent applications are submitted with new innovative developed formulations. New production technologies besides semi-solids (gel, cream, ointment, vaginal ovule, suppository, etc.) will be the main target of R&D in the near future.


Export % in revenues:

Export Revenues will be 20% of total Exeltis Turkey turnover in 2020

List of export countries:

Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Nigeria, Ivory Coast

In More Depth

Number of employees

Insud Pharma 6,186

Exeltis: 3,578

Exeltis Turkey: 310

GMP certificates

Mexico, Russia, Colombia, Ukraine, Spain / EU GMP, Brazil, Turkey, Ivory Coast Revenue or Growth Rate in past financial year:

Achieved to grow organically almost 40% in total revenue, doubling average sector growth rate in domestic market USP/ or a differentiating fact:

Exeltis Turkey is a strong player in Woman Health Care and Pain Management with a local footprint ambitiously seeking for broader investments to new therapeutic areas enabling additional employment in the domestic environment. Exeltis Turkey has also ambition to become one of the major players in Respiratory area in collaboration with local and global partners. The Turkish affiliate aims to become the 3rd largest of Global Exeltis in 2020. Prominent partnerships/clients:

Exeltis has strong partnerships with all of the market leading domestic clients as well as some of the well-known global players through several sourcing and business development programs