Main Profile

Pure CMO

Current Leadership:

Faik Somer, CEO


Number of machinery in Production and capacities: solid, liquid, sterile Ampolue (4 machines/ ~430 M units capacity/year) Vial (3 machines / ~75 M units/year) Lyophilisation ( 3 Machines, ~12 M units/year) Eye drops & Monodose (BFS) (2 Machines/ ~45 M units) PFS (2 Machines / 120 M units/year ) Number of APIs produced

300 different APIs

Primary packaging production

Empty Ampoule (14 Empty ampoule production machines/ ~400 M Unit capacity/year) Empty Vial (3 Empty vial production machines/ ~ 33 M unit capacity/year)

Total production area

Mefar has > 15.000 m2 production and Lab. area, Birgi has 3.000 m2 production area

Serialization Service Yes

Total number of delivered boxes/year [where applicable] Min 60 M boxes/year


Export % in revenues:


List of export countries:

15 EU countries including Germany, Netherlands, England, Greece, Portugal, Spain -6 MENA and East Africa Countries -11 CIS Countries including Russia

In More Depth

Number of employees

Blue collars: 480 White collars: 230

GMP certificates EMEA, Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, Cuba, South Korea

Number of Export Customers/local customers >13 Export Customers > 30 Local Customers