Main Profile

Manufacturer and marketer

Description in a few words:

DEVA, the second largest pharmaceutical company in Turkey, provides high quality, value added and accessible products at global scale.

Current Leadership:

Philipp Haas,

Chairman of the Board of Directors & CEO

Founding Year:

We are entering new technologies with a focus on some key areas such as oncology, where we are continuing to bring new generics to the Turkish market. We have developed a focus on ophthalmology as well, where we are very strong and have launched a generic in dry eye treatment in the Turkish market and a new product that promises double the strength and is therefore unique in Turkey.


Number of machinery in Production and capacities: solid, liquid, sterile

Total Capacity: 515 million units

Main product categories or therapies of focus

DEVA has approximately 600 products in 13 therapy areas, mainly oncology/hematology, ophthalmology, respiratory and cardiology.

Number of APIs produced


Primary packaging production

Blisters PVC/ ALU; Blister PVC-PVdC, Blisters Alu/ Alu, Sachets, Plastic Tubes, Ampoules, Vials, Bottles-Glass, Bottles-Plastic, Tubs/Pouches

Serialization Service

Serialization is applied in every package on human health products for TR market.

Total number of delivered boxes/year

≈200 million units


Prioritizing R&D, DEVA develops and offers accessible and value-added treatments.

DEVA allocated 7% of its sales revenues into R&D in 2018 and ranked 1st place among all pharmaceuticals companies in R&D spending. (Turkish Time R&D 250)


List of export countries:

DEVA exports to approximately 40 countries and has more than 600 marketing authorizations in over 60 countries.

In More Depth

Number of employees

Approximately 2200 employees

GMP certificates

- Turkish MoH


- EU

- NZ Medsafe

- Swissmedic

- Russia

- Other countries

Revenue or Growth Rate in past financial year

Revenue grew by 30% in 2018 compared to previous year.

USP/ or a differentiating fact:

DEVA produces high quality and value added products at its EU GMP and US FDA approved manufacturing sites and supplies them globally.

Adopting vertical integration, DEVA produces its finished product with its own APIs and exports to foreign markets.