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Pharmacovigilance Service Provider

Description in a few words:

Supplying drug benefit/risk evaluation service through data collection, literature screening and preparation of relevant reports to pharmaceutical companies. Holds partial or all pharmacovigilance responsibilities of the companies to the health authority.


Dr. Seyfullah Dağıstanlı

Current Leadership:

Tayfun Erdönmez, General Manager

Founding Year:

After working in the private sector, I realized that many local companies lack knowledge in terms of managing their responsibilities in this field. Small companies may not have the budget to invest in and implement a sound system. It was clear that local companies needed the assistance of experts. As a result, the market for contracted pharmacovigilance service companies emerged.


174 companies outsourcing all of their pharmacovigilance responsibilities to DeltaPV

Number of pharmaceutical products responsible for:



R&D focus

VigidataPV software system that is used for collection and sorting out pharmacovigilance data.


Export % in revenues:


List of export countries:

More than 55 countries in total, mainly: Ireland, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Egypt, UAE, Jordan, Lebanon, Croatia and other countries from MENA/CIS region

In More Depth

Official license of health authority for pharmacovigilance service provision:

Revenue or Growth Rate in past financial year:


USP/ or a differentiating fact:

First company to provide pharmacovigilance services.

Pharmacovigilance service provider with the most in-depth data collection service thank to its software Vigidata.

Prominent partnerships/ clients

174+ pharmaceutical companies: Abbott, Abbvie, Baxter, Bayer, Gen İlaç, Shire, Novo Nordisk, P&G, Novartis, World Medicine and more.