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Description in a few words:

Recordati, an Italian multinational pharmaceutical company, offers a wide range of innovative medicines, mainly for cardiovascular and urological disorders and unique treatments for rare diseases.


Giovanni Recordati

Current Leadership:

Andrea Recordati, Group CEO

Miguel Isla, Executive VP International Specialty and Primary Care Business Unit

İsmail Yormaz, VP and Regional Director South East & General Manager Turkey

Founding Year:

One of Recordati’s strongest areas of operation is in orphan drug acquisition initiatives; while specialty and primary care divisions together with the OTC business are important segments, Recordati remains mostly intertwined with orphan drugs in the treatment of rare diseases, for which we boast a presence on all continents.


Total production Area m 2 (Sterile, solid) Total Lab Area m2

- Solid production + packaging > 3.329 m2

- Liquid and semi-solid production + packaging > 1.413 m2

- Dispensing and others > 845 m2

- Total production + packaging > 5.587 m2

- QC Laboratories (including Micro) > 830 m2

Number of machinery in Production and capacities: solid, liquid, sterile

- Main equipment in solids production + packaging > 59

- Solids production + packaging capacity > 39.850.000

- Main equipment in liquids and semi-solids production + packaging > 48

- Liquids and semi-solids production + packaging capacity > 39.550.000

Main product categories or therapies of focus

Main Product Categories: cardiology, urology, rare diseases

Product Forms: Granules, effervescent granules, tablets, film coated tablets, sugar coated tablets, capsules, drops, suspensions, solutions, creams, gels, ointments

Primary packaging production

Blisters, sachets, tubes, bottles

Serialization Service

Full serialization with 2D barcode printing and aggregation

Total number of delivered boxes/year

61 million (2019 planned)


R&D focus

Recordati is committed to the research and development of treatments for rare diseases and of new specialties within the area of urology.


Export % in revenues:

0.5% of net revenue

List of export countries:

Azerbaijan, Georgia, Somalia, Libya, Afghanistan, Albania, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

In More Depth

Number of employees

703 (sales force 404, industrial 227, other departments 72)

GMP certificates (Çerkezköy Facility)

Turkish MoH


Azerbaijan MoH

Kenyan MoH

Libyan MoH

Revenue or Growth Rate in past financial year

Annual net revenue growth 20.5% in 2018 (Turkey)