Main Profile

Biotech Company Promoting and Developing Mainly Novel Products /
CMO Candidate for Manufacturing of Biotechnological Medicines

Description in a few words:

Founded in 2009, Hasbiotech has considered the needs of Turkish medicine while establishing its vision and mission, and focused on innovative and pioneering therapies. We are engaged in the area of cardiovascular diseases, oncology and wound treatment in particular.

Current Leadership:

Hüseyin Yılmaz, General Manager

Founding Year:

“Our aim is to develop new alternatives to currently available treatment options; to investigate existing biotechnological and advanced treatment methods and bring them into use; to become a worldwide company with the steps forward; to ensure the permanence of our current and future business partnerships within the context of an environment of trust; and to be an efficient, dynamic company capable of organizing rapidly and adapting to changing conditions. Additionally, Hasbiotech has also set its target on developing and manufacturing an original Turkish medicine starting from scratch including raw materials. Within this framework, the company is currently making efforts to establish a manufacturing site for local manufacturing of biotechnological products.

We wish to ensure our company’s sustainability with flexible and innovative business development models and innovative R&D projects. As HASBIOTECH we are open for collaborations in R&D and future CMO services.”

In More Depth

Number of employees

Between 50 and 100

USP/ or a differentiating fact:

Hasbiotech is one of the leading biotech company with innovative therapies with unconventional strategies for the biopharma market.

Prominent partnerships/ clients

- Centro Inmunologia Molecularia (CIM SA.)- CUBA

- Centro Ingeneria Genetica Biotechnologia (CIGB)- Cuba

- RECOMBIO SA. –Argentina (Member company of Grupo Insud. Chemo, world leading pharma company is also member of Grupo Insud.