Main Profile

A family owned, mid-size branded generic company with strong manufacturing capabilities of active pharmaceutical ingredients and finished dosage forms.

Description in a few words:

Atabay is an 80 years old API and FDF company, manufacturing sterile, non-sterile, film tablet, syrups, sachet, prefilled syringes, with FDA and EU GMP certificates to support local and export markets. One of its main strengths is being the sole producer of paracetamol in the EU and MENA regions.

Atabay is ranked ninth based on sold boxes (65 million) in Turkey, and it’s ranked 36 in value. Its paracetamol-based product Parol, with 40 million boxes a year, is the most sold FDF in Turkey.


Kemalettin Atabay

Current Leadership:

Bülent Atabay and his two daughters; Zeynep Atabay and Ayşe Atabay

Founding Year:

We have begun our backwards integration, going all the way back the plant, through our collaboration with Marmara University. In two years, we hope to be a 100% end-to-end integrated company, and in this regard, we are one of the first in Turkey.


Total production Area m 2 (Sterile, solid) Total Lab Area m2

Acıbadem 10,000500

Gebze 25,0002,000

Number of machinery in Production and capacities: solid, liquid, sterile

Dosage Forms (Tablet/Film tablet, suspension, dry powder suspension, syrups, suppositories, capsules, sachet, aseptic production of prefilled syringes)

Packaging lines (Alu/Alu, Alu/PVC, Bottling Line, HDPE Bottling Line, Sache Filling Line)

Gebze Plant > 50m boxes/y (solid) > 35m bottles/y (liquid) > 15 bottles/y (sterile)

Acıbadem Plant > 50m boxes/y (solid) > 15m bottles/y (liquid) > 30m bottles/y (sterile)

Total > 100m boxes/y (solid) > 50m bottles/y (liquid) > 45m bottles/y (sterile)

Main product categories or therapies of focus

Analgesics / Cough and Cold Preparations, Anti Rheumatics / Anti Inflammatory, Mucolytic, Expectorants, Antibiotics – Antibacterials, Floroquinolones – Antimicrobial, Macrolides – Antibacterial, Antitussives, Antituberculosis / Antibiotics – Antibacterials, Anti – Ulser, Antihistamines, Antiviral, Antithrombotic

Number of APIs produced

Over the years ca. 100 API synthesis were completed at the R&D. Currently, seven of them are being produced, with the flagship products being Paracetamol, Oseltamivir Phosphate, and Amitraz.

Serialization Service


Total number of delivered boxes/year

In 2018, based on the IMS records 64,975,235 boxes were sold to pharmacies in Turkey.


R&D capacity for itself and for customers

Strong R&D Team with 30 employees and a certified R&D Center. Connected to various universities for R&D collaboration, such as running national biosimilar development project with Marmara University and Istanbul Technical University, traditional herbal medicine project with TÜBİTAK MAM, herbal extraction projects with Selçuk University, and national R&D centers collaboration interface project with USİMP (University Industry Collaboration Platform Foundation).

R&D focus

Small molecules: synthesis of new API’s and formulations

Biotechnology: development of biosimilars

Traditional herbal medicines: working on extraction and formulation of local herbal medicines


Total of 35 countries including the US, EU, South East Asia, Balkan Countries, and Africa

Export, covering 40% of total revenue.

In More Depth

Number of employees

700 (160 field force)

GMP certificates

USA FDA, Japanese GMP, Australian GMP, EU GMP, UNİCEF Certificates

Revenue or Growth Rate in past financial year

Yearly 30% growth rate in value

USP/ or a differentiating fact:

- One of the very few Turkish pharma companies that produce API, APAP with FDA and EU GMP standards

- Sole manufacturer of paracetamol in EU and MENA region.