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Description in a few words:

Turgut Pharmaceuticals aims to create an international standards-compliant biotechnology infrastructure based on R&D in Turkey, and to develop, manufacture and market high-quality biotechnology products for Turkish and global markets. Turgut Group is one of the leading entrepreneur institutions of Turkish Pharmaceutical Industry with its experience of more than 50 years and solid financial structure.


Kaya Turgut

Current Leadership:

Kaya Turgut, Chairman of the Board

Mehmet Tunç Turgut, General Manager

Recep Serdar Alpan, Head of Biotechnology Group

Founding Year:


Total production Area 2000 m 2 (Sterile, solid)

Total Lab Area 450 m2

Number of machinery in Production and capacities:

2x 200 L production lines

Main product categories or therapies of focus

Biosimilar monoclonal antibodies

Number of APIs produced

5 products under development


R&D focus

Process development of Biosimilar monoclonal antibodies and method development for protein analysis.

In More Depth

USP/ or a differentiating fact:

Establishing the Biotechnology Group in early 2014 as part of a strategic decision, Turgut Pharmaceuticals redefined its priorities and main objectives, and concentrated its operations and investments in the field of biotechnology. In this framework, the company determined basic requirements for developing and manufacturing world-class biosimilar drugs by collaborating with domestic and international expert organizations, identified shortcomings by examining the biotechnology infrastructure in our country, and came up with a strategic plan based on tangible data that incorporates solutions to establish a sustainable biotechnology infrastructure as quickly as possible taking into account the conditions prevalent in our country and to develop and launch high-quality biosimilar monoclonal antibodies. The investment made by Turgut Pharmaceuticals in order to implement this strategy is one of the largest in the field of biotechnology in Turkey.

Prominent partnerships/ clients

Cell line development for our first 5 products performed by Selexis

Process development of our first 3 products performed by Merck and KBI.

Analytical method development and characterization studies performed by Covance laboratories