Main Profile

Manufacturer and Marketer

Description in a few words:

DROGSAN is a pioneering Turkish pharmaceutical company with 45 years of valuable experience focusing on R&D, manufacturing, marketing and sales operations on both local and global grounds with 100% domestic capital.

Current Leadership:

Ersan Küçük, General Manager

Mustafa Karpuzcu, CEO

Founding Year:

The features that differentiate our R&D from others are a team comprising of valuable scientists capable of multi-faceted thinking and a working environment in which all creative ideas are supported and where multi-disciplinary interaction is encouraged. As a research and development based pharmaceutical company, we have strong and indispensable support from our R&D efforts for achieving our medium and long-term targets.


Number of machinery in Production and capacities:

DROGSAN’s manufacturing site is comprised of four manufacturing lines:

- Solid Line (Tablets, Capsules, Sachets): 18 million packs capacity

- Liquid Line (Syrups, Oral Solutions, Antiseptic Solutions): 12 million packs capacity

- Spray Line (Oral Sprays, Nasal Sprays, Nasal Drops): 7.2 million packs capacity

- Cosmetic Line (Pomades, Toothpastes, Creams, Oral Rinses): 1.6 million packs capacity

Main product categories or therapies of focus

DROGSAN has more than 160 registered products in 15 therapeutic areas, focusing mainly on dermatology, neurology, gynecology, ENT, dentistry, pediatrics, gastroenterology, infection, and nephrology.

Serialization Service [where applicable]

Serialization is applied to every product manufactured.

- Total number of delivered boxes/year [where applicable]

≈40 million boxes capacity


R&D focus

DROGSAN R&D focuses on development of value added products, supergenerics, innovative new dosage forms and new drug delivery systems in the prioritized therapeutic areas while following products that are close to patent expiry and aiming to produce the first generics to hit the market.


Export % in revenues:

DROGSAN’s exports constitutes 16% of its revenues.

List of export countries:

Through close to 200 product registrations worldwide, DROGSAN is currently exporting its products to nearly 30 countries in CIS, South Europe, Middle East, Central Asia, Southeast Asia and Africa.

In More Depth

Number of employees

Approximately 400 employees

GMP certificates

- Turkish MoH

- Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)

- Jordan FDA

- Iraq MOH

- Libya MOH

- Ethiopia FMHACA

- Nigeria NAFDAC

- Ivory Coast DPML

- Uganda NDA

- Malaysia NPRA

- Philippines

Revenue or Growth Rate in past financial year

52% revenue growth in 2018 compared to previous year.

USP/ or a differentiating fact:

DROGSAN developed the first strategic drug combination in Turkey in 2002, creating a brand new segment with the chlorhexidine and benzydamine combination market that reached 95 million Turkish Lira.

DROGSAN is also the first company that launched a locally manufactured biosimilar product in Turkey in 2014.

As one of oldest pharmaceutical exporters in Turkey, DROGSAN has completed 20 years in its export operations contributing to the growth in Turkish economy.