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Description in a few words:

Sanofi Turkey has been serving public health for over 60 years with more than 1,800 employees, offering a broad range of products including: innovative therapeutic solutions, biotechnological pharmaceuticals, vaccines and consumer healthcare products, adding value to local economy and development. Sanofi Turkey includes: Sanofi in innovative pharmaceuticals and branded generics; Sanofi Pasteur fully focused on vaccines; Sanofi Genzyme in rare diseases, oncology, MS and immunology and Consumer Healthcare Unit. Sanofi Turkey offers solutions in 16 main therapeutic areas with almost 275 products.

Sanofi Turkey’s manufacturing site is located at Lüleburgaz, İstanbul, and features state-of-the-art equipment and the latest innovations, producing the highest quality pharmaceuticals.

Current Leadership:

Cem Öztürk, Country Chair

Sanofi has a strong footprint in Turkey with an investment of approximately US$1 billion in its Lüleburgaz manufacturing plant, its wide portfolio of innovative medicines and its continuous investments in R&D and clinical trials. Sanofi is ranked as the third largest exporter of pharmaceuticals in Turkey, which account to €35 to €40 million a year in value.


Main product categories or therapies of focus:

Solid, liquid and sterile pharma products

Number of APIs produced:

No API production

Primary packaging production:

Primary packaging production is for all solid, liquid and sterile product manufacturing

Sterialization Service:

For all solid, liquid and sterile product manufacturing

Total number of delivered boxes/year:

313 million boxes of year (2019)


R&D focus

Sanofi is investing and focusing in these research areas to find innovative solutions for unmet needs: Diabetes & Cardiovascular Diseases, Rare and Neurologic Diseases, Vaccines, Oncology, Immunology & Inflammation Diseases and Rare Blood Disorders.


Export % in revenues:

13% of total production

List of export countries:

49 countries including Germany, UK, Japan, France, Australia and Iraq

In More Depth

Number of employees

More than 1,850

GMP certificates:

21 GMP certificates

Revenue or Growth Rate in past financial year:

1.653 Million TL

USP/ or a differentiating fact:

Sanofi Turkey has the leading manufacturing facility in Turkey in terms of its production capacity. The manufacturing site manufactures 14% of Turkey’s total pharma production by itself.