Main Profile


Description in a few words:

Arven was founded in 2013 with the aim of producing high technology products. Arven aimed to exist in the fields of respiratory ilnesses and illnesses that require biotechnological products and shaped its studies with the principle of ‘foresight in respiration & biotechnology and safe treatment.’ We design technology for the future and we provide the future for human health.

Current Leadership:

Zafer Toksöz, Chairman

Founding Year:

Arven Pharmaceuticals succeeded in developing the first Turkish patented dry powder inhaler, "Sanohaler" as a result of long lastigng R&D activities, representing a significant milestone for the Turkish pharmaceutical industry.


Number of machinery in Production and capacities: solid, liquid, sterile

Arven has three different Production Departments:

1. Inhaler Production Department

1a. Two Blister Filling Machine

1b. Capsule Filling Machine

1c. Inhaler Device Assembly Machine

1d. Inhaler Final Assembly Machine

2. Biotechnology Production Department

2a. Microbial Production

· 50L Fermentor and all Purification equipment

2b.Mammalian Production

· 200L and 1000L Bioreactors and all

purification equipment

· All equipment are using with Single Use


3. Sterile Filling Department

3a.1mL Syringe, 2R and 4R filling machine

Main product categories or therapies of focus

Arven is focusing on high technology products, dry powder inhalation products, and biopharmaceutical products as its main working groups.

Number of APIs produced

Arven is producing one Biosimilar API called Filgrastim.

Primary packaging production

Arven has different types of Primary packaging. These are:

· Blister filling

· Capsule filling

· Sterile filling

Serialization Service

Arven uses 2D barcode system for serialization operations.

Total number of delivered boxes/year

Total number of delivered boxes per year is 1.2 million for Inhalation products. In addition, Arven has capacity for up to 5 million boxes per year.

Total number of delivered boxes per year is 100,000 for biosimilar product. Arven also has capacity up to 350,000 boxes per year for current product.


R&D focus

Biosimilar and Inhaler technology

In More Depth

Number of employees


GMP certificates

Arven has Turkish Ministry of Health GMP certificate that is compliant with PICs regulations.

Revenue or Growth Rate in past financial year

Revenue: €6,215,306

Growth rate: 20.8%

USP/ or a differentiating fact

Arven was the first company to produce a biosimilar product from cell to finished product in Turkey and the first company to have patent protected Multi-Unit dose Dry Powder inhaler in Turkey.