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Description in a few words:

Sanovel is a 100% Turkish capitalized company established in 1983 by Pharmacist Erol Toksöz and the third largest domestic branded generic pharma company amongst more than 450 companies in Turkey. Sanovel Pharmaceutical Industry's new production facility first laid its foundations in İstanbul Silivri Çantaköy on November 3, 2001, and fully started production as of November 2006.

Over the years, the company has shown strong growth backed by powerful brands, highly efficient optimized field force with Rx/pharmacy balanced approach, strong pipeline management yielding successful first-to-market generic launches as well as competent chain management and leadership .

Current Leadership:

Murat Aktürk, General Manager

Founding Year:

Full ownership of products means high margins with no royalties. Sanovel’s first to market generic strategy is backed by unique intellectual property and R&D activities, which are key differentiating factors compared to peers and has led to a durable competitive advantage and strong brand equity.


Number of machinery in Production and capacities: solid, liquid, sterile

Sanovel has 55 different manufacturing machines with different sizes and brands to manufacture all forms of drugs: solid, liquid, sterile and non-sterile ointment gels. In addition, the company has 16 packaging lines integrated as primary and secondary packaging. Equipment and systems on site are imported from European suppliers.

Main product categories or therapies of focus

Muscle relaxants, Anti-Epileptics, Antidepressants, Antibiotics, painkillers, Analgenics, Gastro, Diabetics

Primary packaging production

Producing finished drug products including primary and secondary packaging.

Serialization Service

The company has a system from German machine supplier Laetus track and trace system.

Total number of delivered boxes/year

Average of 75 million units per year

Total capacity is 200,000 million units


R&D focus

Comprehensive database providing full control of the end-to-end R&D process that incorporates all relevant information on raw material sourcing, comprehensive IP information, formulation, bioequivalence data and the registration process. The Sanovel process consists of 10 consecutive phases, which correspond to the major milestones of drug development. In each phase, the Argebase system automatically informs of the responsible steps/assignments to minimize delays in product development.


List of export countries:

Spain, Russia, Georgia, Macedonia, Albania, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Kirgizistan, Iraq, Ukraine, US (first deliveries in December 2019)

In More Depth

Number of employees

Total: 1,042

GMP certificates

Turkish Ministry of Health, Russia, Ukraine, Macedonia, EU Spanish shall be renewed in January 2010, US FDA

Revenue or Growth Rate in past financial year:

Over US$150 million in sales in 2018

USP/ or a differentiating fact:

Sanovel became the first Turkish firm to ever have an approved patent from the American Patent Office and earned the right to preserve the American patents of the four medical formulations until 2033.

Sanovel succeeded in the 2015 R&D performance index of Turkey and won the sectoral pharmaceutical industry and intellectual property competence awards at the 5th Private Sector Research & Development Centers Summit.

Prominent partnerships/ clients

Abbot pharmaceuticals