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Description in a few words:

TR Pharm is the partner in Turkey and MENA for growing biopharmaceutical companies based in developed markets that want to expand their horizon to emerging markets and optimize the revenue potential of their products while managing their resources and risk. The long-term vision of TR Pharm is to become a global, innovative pharmaceutical company. For this purpose TRPharm is continuously investing in multiple areas and working with current and future partners to find ways of adding greater value to patients, payors and partners.

Current Leadership:

Mehmet Göker, CEO

A core principle upheld by TR is to be a medically- driven company, rather than just a distributor of generics. TR Pharm is also predicated on specialty sectors and stands out in oncology, haematology, rare disease and, starting this year, CNS, with the potential to expand into rheumatology.


R&D focus

TRPharm’s long term vision is to become an innovative pharmaceutical company. For this purpose it has been investing into its own novel, biological development project, RPH 104. It has now completed Phase 1 studies and is moving to Phase 2. In addition, TR Pharm is actively pursuing co-development possibilities, particularly in rare diseases. TR Pharm also offers a set of pre-commercial capabilities to its current and prospective partners with its Medical Services Division. Our goal is to leverage our strong ties to the medical community and depth of scientific expertise to provide value beyond what a regular CRO or market research company can provide. We also welcome the opportunity to meet our partners while they are still in the development phase of their journey.

In More Depth

Number of employees



Unique in operating with a medicomarketing model rather than a traditional sales model to accomplish multiple firsts in niche therapy areas while addressing the whole geography of Turkey and MENA.

Prominent partnerships

Doctor Reddy’s Laboratories, Clinigen, Leadiant, Bial. Total of more than 25 partnerships.