Main Profile


Description in a few words:

Dem Ilaç was established in 1992 as a marketer and distributor of blood derivatives and plasma products. Today, the company is one of the fastest growing in Turkey, building new capabilities in the production of biotech products, alongside traditional generics.

Current Leadership:

Deniz Demir, General Manager

Aydin Cengiz Demir, Board Member

Yeliz Demir, Board Member Manager

Founding Year:
1922 > Dr. Hakverdi Demir


Number of machinery in Production and capacities:

Sterile liquid and lyophilized pharmaceuticals production, Vail, Ampule and PFS lines are constructed.

Line capacities/year:

Ampule > 18000/h > 30000000

Vial > 150/dk > 13500000

PFS > 200/dk > 18000000

Main product categories or therapies of focus:

Oncology, hematology, anesthetics, antibiotics, respiratory systems and nephrology.

Number of APIs produced:

One nanotechnological API and two biotechnological API.


R&D focus

Biotechnology and nanotechnology

R&D Behavior

The company’s RD is focusing on innovative know how developments especially on nanotechnology and biotechnology. They have three different, highly technological laboratories accredited on ISO 17025 and comply with GLP.

Develop of Biotechnological Platforms with its own developed and patentable cells (Code: SILCHO)

Develop of Upstream and Downstream processes.

Develop of nano-technological platforms,

Develop of in-vitro bioactivity tests and animal models for pre-clinical studies.


2020 target is to increase our export turnover above US$4 million and export to 18 countries with a total of 22 products.

List of export countries:

Albania, Macedonia, Iran, Iraq, Palestine, UAE, Yemen, Ghana, Libya, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Pakistan, South Korea, Turkmenistan, Dominican Republic, Philippiness, Thailand, Vietnam.

In More Depth

Number of employees:


GMP certificates:

Denmark, PIC/S